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Collaboration Collection Earthy

evee for Cheryl Wee

Our collaboration based on our virtual relationship since 2019. Thanks to this wonderful woman Cheryl Wee, who inspired us with her “Down To Earth” personality, She’s a Singaporean entrepreneur, actress, mother and influencer. We share our plan, idea, put both of our style into a collection, discussion over discussion, and finally we came up with this beautiful designs that we name it “Earthy”. From colours, cutting, and details all shaped into one tone of “Earth” feeling!

Earthy Vibe Colour

Back to nature, basically our colour mood are based to leaf cycle of life. Changing from one season to another season, Green Summer, Canyon Fall, White Winter, Orange Autumn.


Mustard Sunset Terra Cotta Sage Olive Rust

Detail Collars

Flower Power Embroidered

The details itself picturing earthy feeling, back to nature with 50’s – 60’s fashion look! Yes, the collar, the sleeve, the colour, the flower embroidery details!

Still Pleats

Without leaving our favourite detail “Pleats” we combine it with natural colour tone, a decent collar shape back to down to earth feels and a cute-puff sleeve

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